Advertising Agency GTAgency (GTA)

GTAgency is in preparation for launch.
GTAgents training will start soon.


5BillionSales (5BS) has paused the GTAgency’s launch for a short time while the network is secured for the future good. All resources are focused on Sales Deliveries for GTS Adverts already waiting in the queue, and than GTAgency will be launched and sales of adverts resumed. GTAgency will be able to sell adverts and manage them from back office to include create, publish and edit without leaving account. 5BS will always remain responsible for service and Sales Deliveries.

Service 4 Launching 10th August 2022

  • On 10th August, 5BS will launch new Service 4 – GTAgents Advertising Agencies (GTA)!
  • On 10th August, 5BS will stop selling advertising directly.
  • On 10th August, any person (early adopter) that has bought 1 advert or more from 5BS will be given Service 4 (GTA) for free.

Free GTAgents can instantly start selling Guaranteed Sales and Standard Adverts to 5BS members from the 10th August.

Check the order page for details:

GTA will work like this:

1- Your existing advert back office will be upgraded into an advert sales and management portal.

2 – After the 10th August, you will be able to buy the NEW styled Guaranteed Sales (34% paid before delivery) and Standard Adverts from 5BS and resell them for $269. These can be sold to anyone.

3- For every Guaranteed Sales advert you have bought up to 31st July that remains unused, can be broken into 3 ‘Starter Deliveries‘ for new advertisers. These cannot be sold to anyone that is already an advertiser. Only new advertisers can buy a ‘Starter Delivery’ from you. You can charge up to $269 for each ‘Starter Delivery’ broken off to a maximum of 3x $269. Only 1 ‘Starter Delivery’ per new advertiser. Using the ‘Starter Delivery’, the new advertiser can generate 1x $155k (only x1, NOT 3x like in Limited Offer), then pay the 34% after their sales delivery and afford to buy a NEW style Guaranteed Sales from you on the 34% before delivery offer which delivers 3x $155k.

4 – For all adverts your GTA sells (Starter Deliveries and Guaranteed Sales), you can add variable management fees and a small variable % (up to 5% max) on top of normal 34% for 5BS and also get paid your commission and profit share. This applies to ‘Starter Deliveries’ and normal 3x $155k deliveries. You can also add charges to Standard Adverts.

5 – ‘Starter Deliveries’ ONLY – When you break a Guaranteed Sales (from Limited Offer) into 3 parts, you keep the 3x $269. You can charge less than $269 and you can give them away for free if you choose.

Applies After 10th August

* Guaranteed Sales Adverts = Your GTA will only be able to buy the NEW style, paid 34% before delivery, Guaranteed Sales Advert packages after 10th August. This new Guaranteed Sales package will deliver 3x $155k, but the advertiser must pay the 34% in advance.

** Starter Delivery & Starter Deliveries = If you have an old Limited Offer, 34% paid after delivery, Guaranteed Sales bought before 31st July which has 3x $155k deliveries and is unused, you can resell it in 3 parts. It can be broken into 3x single $155k deliveries and sold to help new advertisers generate $155k net profit – 34% profit share = $102,300 net profit. The new advertiser can then afford to buy a NEW style Guaranteed Sales delivery and pay the 34% in advance. The ‘Starter Delivery’ can be resold for up to $269.

*** After 10th August, any member can buy a new GTA from your GTA for a yearly fee of $880. Your GTA keeps $440 and pays 5BS $440 each year.

Business disclaimer 🤔 (risk of loss, risk of losing profits)

Any business or investment comes with a risk of loss (resources, work, time). Only put as much 💰 money and as much ⏳ time as you can afford to lose !!! REMEMBER !!! also about the fact that the lack of your actions is also a risk … of losing potential 💵 profits.

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