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(update 2023-03-05)

The 5BS artificial intelligence (AI) needs the best input data for your Standard Advert (SA). You know what product/service you are advertising and why.

You need to go to Step 2, select your advert #ID on the right and click Edit. Select Edit Content and then manually optimize the post description in Step 3.

Product/service description

Compress the extended text, remove any irrelevant weak words/sentences/special characters and reinforce the text with shorter, more expressive advertising/marketing content, as if you were writing to sell your product/service!

Don’t copy and paste the new description from the source site you’re promoting. You need to refine the description. It is important to use/add more keywords in the description. You do not have to meet the MAXIMUM number of characters! Quality is better than quantity.


On the next page, replace/add keywords from the description to your keyword set. This means repeating the strong keywords from the updated description in the keyword set.

CCH: I have adopted the rule that it is good when the keyword is repeated min. 2 times in the description. The exception is the last keyword, i.e. the name of the business (see below).

Use 15 keywords relating only to the product or service and 1 additional keyword, i.e. the business name as the 16th.

Business name

Business name cannot be your name or product name. This must be the business name. Whereas if the name of the business is Name Co Ltd then you enter only the Name because it represents the business.

Business name in the description

Add Business Name only ONCE in the product/service description and put it in a complete sentence.

Follow the instructions above, then go to the next page to save the changes that will “no” restart the advert. All previous data has already been crawled and saved for this advert link.

The 5BS artificial intelligence will use additional information and data to improve results.

Business disclaimer 🤔 (risk of loss, risk of losing profits)

Any business or investment comes with a risk of loss (resources, work, time). Only put as much 💰 money and as much ⏳ time as you can afford to lose !!! REMEMBER !!! also about the fact that the lack of your actions is also a risk … of losing potential 💵 profits.
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