Security check in

The best online safety practices

Key points to create a strong password

Never use the same password, security question or answer for multiple accounts.

Keep your passwords long and complex – a combination of min. 16 characters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase and symbols is the safest bet.

Don’t go with something easy – the name of your cat/husband/wife/sister/grandfather is an unsafe password choice.

Stay away from anything identifying you with where you live, like:

  • home addresses;
  • postal codes;
  • ID numbers;
  • your SSN (yes, people make that mistake!).

The best password doesn’t look like any word you could find in the dictionary:

  • a bad password is MasterCryptoChemist555
  • a good password is 9fad4!b37660f6fa^2cf4b41#dd4628e

Next steps:

  • second factor authentication 2FA (soon)
  • third factor authentication 3FA (soon)
  • … (soon)

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